Elisa Allechant

SiriusXM Host @ Phish Radio ch29
Voiceover Artist & Media Producer

The voice for your script, with a vision for your project

Talent & Producer

It's better together

Trained voice actor with a degree in media production. Cart & Horse.

  • Voiceover 

    Did you listen to my demo? Scroll up, click the "commercial demo" button. You can also hear me every Fri-Sun 3-12E on SiriusXM Phish Radio ch29

  • Audio & Video Editing

    Podcasts, commercials, documentaries, trainings; let's create some beautiful media together

My passion project:

The Linn Haven : a Documentary

The story of the world's first RV, a luxury private coach commissioned in 1925, and the innovative Americans who put their mark on it over the past century
In the mid 1980's, James M Weller of Lake George, NY, began the restoration of the iconic Linn Haven, the World's First RV. The project would take he and his team nearly twenty years and a million dollars to complete...

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